National Program On Immunization

Vaccine Preventable Diseases accounts for 20% of morbidity and mortality in children under 5s. Children by the age of 1 should have completed their immunization schedule according to the NPI schedule.

The Ministry of Health adopted the following key strategies:

  • Development and dissemination of IEC materials.
  • Institutional development including the provision of cold chain equipments and procurement of generators for the maintenance of the vaccines at the State cold store and the 20 LGA’s.
  • Capacity building through refresher training of Local Government Immunization Officers (LIO’s) and other HW’s on cold chain vaccine maintenance, micro planning, new policy issues and vaccination procedures.
  • Monthly cluster meetings with the LIO’s.
  • Compilation of monthly Routine Immunization (RI) data to know the percentage coverage.
  • Re-vitalization of the outreaches to strengthen RI through the Reach Every Ward (REW) Approach.

Tuesday of every week has been set aside for routine immunization against vaccine preventable diseases in all primary health care facilities in the State.

Routine Immunisation Coverage 2009:

BCG = 85%, DPT3 = 66%, OPV3 = 65%, Measles = 63%, HBV3 = 61% and TT2 = 35%.